the sky above the port
In the beginning there was sk8r girl & sk8r boy & they were deciding what kind of world to create. The sk8r boy wanted a world that was entirely downhill so he could skate really fast. The sk8r girl wanted a world that was flat so she could practice all her rad moves. They split the world in two. The sk8r girl tore up the flat part of the world with her rad moves. The sk8r boy skated faster than anyone had or ever will. Soon, however, the sk8r girl realized that rad moves were nothing without someone to show the rad moves to. The sk8r boy realized that he was going so fast he would never be able to stop. The sk8r girl sat on her skateboard & looked down at her shoes. These could use a cleaning. she said to herself & she went off to find a spigot. The sk8r boy sat down on his skateboard, which was moving exponentially faster in the perpetually downhill world. I miss sk8r girl, he said to himself. This is as boring as I imagined the flat world would be. Sk8r girl returned to her board with freshly scrubbed shoes. Lying with her back on the board, looking up at the clouds, rocking herself slowly forward & back, she thought: I used to think sk8r boy was so cool. Now I think he’s a dweeb."Creation Myth" by Mathias Svalina

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